Themes & Topics

A. Meeting end-user needs & supporting Blue Growth

  • New Operational Oceanography products and services for end users:

    • Maritime Resources: Oil and gas exploration, Marine renewable energy, Aquaculture, Fisheries
    • Maritime Safety: Ship routing, Response to disasters and pollution events, Coastal defence, Search and Rescue
    • Marine Environment: Regular environmental assessments, MSFD, Eutrophication, HABs
    • Climate and weather applications: Long term ocean reanalysis, Seasonal forecasting, Coupled Ocean Atmosphere models
  • Developing a structured dialogue with users:

    • Establishing and updating Users Requirements
    • Mechanisms for regular service assessment and feedback

B. Copernicus: Towards a European Centre for Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting

  • Present and future capacities of the Copernicus Marine Service
  • Research and Development: towards improved and new products
  • Short and long term User Requirements
  • The in-situ and Remote Sensing data components of Copernicus

C. Ocean modelling & forecasting: extending & improving predictability

  • Global, Regional, Shelf and Coastal forecasting systems
  • Reanalysis products
  • Assessment of forecasting skill; metrics
  • Data assimilation: new sources, new schemes
  • Ecosystem models: present and future developments
  • Next generation ocean models: coupling atmosphere, ocean and its biogeochemistry; optimizing for new computing systems
  • Combining models and data for Rapid Environmental Assessments

D. In-situ and remote sensing observations: towards a European Ocean Observing System (EOOS)

  • In-situ observations: present and emerging capacities; new biochemical observations
  • Calibration and quality assurance methods
  • Data management: harmonization at European and Global levels
  • Co-ordination of national capacities at regional and global scales: filling the gaps
  • Satellite remote sensing for Operational Oceanography: new products, new sensors, new missions
  • Progress since OceanObs 2009
  • Key elements of EOOS; design and roadmap

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