Tuesday 28 October 2014 — Day I

Plenary Session 1: Policy and societal challenges with emphasis on Blue Growth: the contribution of Operational Oceanography

Chair: Bernd Brügge, BSH, EuroGOOS Board member

Keynote speakers

Albert Fischer, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO +Download presentation

Jan-Bart Calewaert, EMODNET Secretariat +Download presentation

Michael Rohn, EC DG Enterprise and Industry +Download presentation

Nicolas Hoepffner, Institute for Environment & Sustainability, EC JRC +Download presentation

Samuel Djavidnia, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) +Download presentation

Nadia Pinardi, University of Bologna +Download presentation

Plenary Session 2: Advancing Operational Oceanography to meet present and emerging user needs

Chair: Urmas Lips, MSI-TTU, BOOS Chair & EuroGOOS Board member

Keynote speakers

Mika Mered, POLARISK Group

Martin Visbeck, GEOMAR +Download presentation

Pierre Bahurel, Mercator Ocean +Download presentation

Einar Svendsen, Institute of Marine Research Norway +Download presentation

Plenary Session: Priorities of Operational Oceanography to effectively support societal needs with emphasis on Blue Growth (2014-2020)

Roundtable discussion with speakers of the day
Moderator: Erik Buch, EuroGOOS Chair

Opening speech: Blue Growth: an opportunity or a nightmare? By Bernd Brügge, BSH, EuroGOOS Board member
+Download presentation

Wednesday 29 October 2014 — Day II

Parallel Session

Remote Sensing

Chair: Hans Bonekamp, EUMETSAT

The Sentinel-3 EUMETSAT Marine Centre
Carolina Loddo, EUMETSAT +Download presentation

Jason-CS: Continuing the Jason Altimeter Data Records as Copernicus Sentinel-6
Hans Bonekamp, EUMETSAT +Download presentation

The SSALTO/DUACS Multimission Altimeter Centers: Recent improvements
Gilles Larnicol, CLS, FR
+Download presentation

The MyOcean Ocean Colour Thematic Assembly Centre and its products: recent development
Rosalia Santoleri, CNR-ISAC (National Research Council, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate), IT +Download presentation

EUMETSAT ocean colour products from geostationary platforms
Hans Bonekamp, EUMETSAT +Download presentation

Monitoring the Ocean from observations
Stéphanie Guinehut, CLS, FR +Download presentation

The combined use of Earth Observations, ferrybox and mooring buoy data for monitoring water bodies
Jenni Attila, SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute), FI +Download presentation

Use of operational oceanography satellite products to develop environmental indicators for the European MSFD
Eleonora Rinaldi, CNR-ISAC, IT +Download presentation

A consistent, long-term, error-characterised, ocean-colour dataset for the earth observation and modelling communities
André B. Couto, MARE, FCUL (College of Science, University of Lisbon), PT +Download presentation

Spatio - temporal variability of Phytoplankton Size Classes in the Mediterranean Sea from Ocean Color data
Michela Sammartino, CNR-ISAC, IT +Download presentation

Data and products of the SatBaltyk system for remote sensing of the Baltic ecosystem
Miroslaw Darecki, IOPAN (Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences), PL +Download presentation

Users and new services

Chair: :David Mills, CEFAS

Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans)
Florence Coroner, JPI Oceans +Download presentation

Actual status of operational oceanography at the Mediterranean Sea: The MONGOOS perspective.
Enrique Alvarez Fanjul, Puertos del Estado, ES +Download presentation

SOCIB multi-platform observing and forecasting integrated approach in response to science and society needs
Joaquin Tintore, SOCIB, ES +Download presentation

EMODnet - Human Activities
Alessandro Pititto, COGEA srl, IT +Download presentation

Operational Oceanography Products and Services for Maritime Industry
Atanas Palazov, IO-BAS, BG +Download presentation

SeaConditions: present and future sea conditions for safer navigation
Giovanni Coppini, CMCC (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change), IT +Download presentation

Operational Oceanographic Products Supporting the eNavigation in the Baltic Sea
Tarmo Kõuts, MSI-TTU, EE +Download presentation

An operational service for least time routes in the Mediterranean Sea (
Gianandrea Mannarini, CMCC, IT +Download presentation

Risk Assessment of Offshore Platforms in the Eastern Mediterranean Levantine Basin: Advance Oil Spill Predictions
George Zodiatis, OC-UCY, CY +Download presentation

On-line monitoring and forecasts of ice resistance supporting winter navigation in ice channels
Madis-Jaak Lilover, MSI-TTU, EE +Download presentation

Characterization of coastal-maritime severe events in Basque Country
Santiago Gaztelumendi, TECNALIA, ES +Download presentation

ASIMUTH: a Copernicus marine downstream service for HAB forecasts in the Galician region
Manuel Ruiz Villarreal, IEO, ES +Download presentation

COPERNICUS Coastal Service, the FP7 Space projects prospective
Antoine Mangin, ACRI-ST, FR +Download presentation

Operational forecasting and statistical products for short and medium term port management
Agustin Sánchez-Arcilla Conejo, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, ES +Download presentation

Integration of ecological and socio-economic issues in a Sea-Use Map toward the implementation of the MSFD
Filippo Maria Carli, Univ. of Tuscia, IT +Download presentation

Real-time observatory of the water quality in the Tagus estuary
Marta Rodrigues, LNEC, PT +Download presentation

Modelling / Forecasting Services

Chair: Pierre-Yves Le Traon, IFREMER

Scientific challenges towards operational oceanography in 2020
Jun She, DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute), DK +Download presentation

Uncertainty estimation for operational forecast products - a multi-model-ensemble approach for North and Baltic Sea
Inga Golbeck, BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency), DE +Download presentation

UK Environmental Prediction - development, integration and evaluation at the km scale
Huw Lewis, UK Met Office
+Download presentation

A hybrid algorithm for generation of a sea surface salinity field
Arne Melsom, MET Norway, NO +Download presentation

WIFF - A Nowcast-Forecast system for high-resolution coastal applications
Alberto Azevedo, LNEC (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering), PT +Download presentation

Downscaling MyOcean: The CYCOFOS new forecasting systems at regional and sub-regional scales
George Zodiatis, Oceanography Center-Univ. of Cyprus, CY
+Download presentation

Numerical Study of the Mediterranean sea level response to atmospheric pressure
Nadia Pinardi, INGV (National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology), IT +Download presentation

The TYREM System: The Tyrrhenian Sea Regional operational Model
Ernesto Napolitano, ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), IT +Download presentation

Operational SOCIB forecasting system and multi-platform validation in the Western Mediterranean
Mélanie Juza, SOCIB (Balearic Islands Coastal Ocean Observing System), ES +Download presentation

Oceanographic forecast system along the West-Iberian margin
Luis Quaresma, Instituto Hidrográfico, PT

Downscaling from the ocean to the regional level: an approach to the Portuguese Exclusive Economic Zone
Lígia Pinto, Univ. of Lisbon, PT +Download presentation

Reducing imbalances in the equatorial region caused by data assimilation
Jennifer Waters, UK Met Office +Download presentation

The Met Office Coupled Atmosphere/Land/Ocean/Sea-Ice Data Assimilation System
Daniel Lea, UK Met Office +Download presentation

HF-Radar Data assimilation in the Basque coast: optimizing wind forcing of a coastal circulation model
Julien Mader, AZTI Tecnalia, ES +Download presentation

The HBM-PDAF assimilation system for operational forecasts in the North and Baltic Seas
Lars Nerger, AWI, DE +Download presentation

Coupling of wave and circulation models in coastal-ocean predicting systems: A case study for the German Bight
Joanna Staneva, HZG, DE
+Download presentation

Unified Global and Regional Wave Model on a Multi-Resolution Grid
Tamzin Palmer, UK Met Office +Download presentation

On forecasting waves in seasonally ice-covered seas
Laura Tuomi, FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute), FI
+Download presentation

Operational ocean and sea ice modeling in Greenlandic waters and its impact on oil spill
Jun She, DMI, DK
+Download presentation

Biochemical Modelling

Chair: Alessandro Crise, OGS

OSS2015 – Forerunner of the "Green" Ocean Services beyond FP7
François-Régis Martin-Lauzer, ARGANS Limited, UK
+Download presentation

A new modelling tool for chemical spill modellers and responders
Rodrigo Fernandes, IST (Instituto Superior Técnico), PT
+Download presentation

Forecasting of physical and biogeochemical state of the North and Baltic Seas
Frank Janssen, BSH, DE
+Download presentation

Reanalysis of Mediterranean Sea biogeocheminsry and the quest for biogeochemical seasonal forecasts
Stefano Salon, OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics), IT +Download presentation

Real-time forecasting of Ligurian Sea biogeochemical variability during March 2013
Sukru Besiktepe, Dokuz Eylul Univ., Turkey +Download presentation

A Pressure-Impact statistical correlation analysis for eutrophication in Italian marine waters
Giordano Giorgi, ISPRA, IT
+Download presentation

In situ Observations

Chair: Henning Wehde, IMR

U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Enabling decisions, Advancing Technologies
Zdenka Willis, NOAA U.S. IOOS +Download presentation

In-Situ service for Operational Oceanography and Research: a joint effort between MyOcean , EuroGOOS and EMODnet
Sylvie Pouliquen, IFREMER, FR +Download presentation

Fixed point Open Ocean Observatory network (FixO3): One year into multidisciplinary observations from the air-sea interface to the deep seafloor
Sofia Alexiou, National Oceanography Centre, UK +Download presentation

FRAM: A multidisciplinary observatory in the North Atlantic - Arctic Ocean transition zone
Ingo Schewe, AWI (Alfred Wegener Institute), DE

The European Marine Data Network (EMODnet) Portals demonstration
Jan-Bart Calewaert, EMODnet Secretariat +Download presentation

EMODnet Physics
Antonio Novellino, ETT Solutions, IT +Download presentation

Ocean Data Portal: from data access to integration platform
Sergey Belov, IODE Ocean Data Portal Partnership Centre
+Download presentation

Multi-sensor in-situ observations to resolve submesoscale features
Urmas Lips, MSI-TTU (Marine Systems Institute - Tallinn University of Technology), EE +Download presentation

Interannual sampling cruises at a moored buoy site: Cross-validation and inter-comparison
Manos Potiris, HCMR (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research), GR

The Spanish Institute of Oceanography Observing System in the Atlantic Ocean: IEOOS-At
Alicia Lavin, IEO (Spanish Institute of Oceanography), ES
+Download presentation

Oceanographic data management at SOCIB
Charles Troupin, SOCIB, ES
+Download presentation

CORA 4.0 and CORA-IBI: new products available for global and regional applications
Tanguy Szekely, IFREMER, FR +Download presentation

Phytoplanktonic biomass distribution in water column and sediments in the northern Latium coastal area
Riccardo Martellucci, Univ. of Tuscia, IT +Download presentation

Black Sea Argo history, current status and prospect
Atanas Palazov, IO-BAS (Institute of Oceanology-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), BG +Download presentation

Greek Argo: Towards monitoring the Eastern Mediterranean - First deployments preliminary results and future planning
Dimitris Kassis, HCMR, GR
+Download presentation

FerryBox Systems: Possibilities for Investigation of Short–Term and Long–Term Variability of Biogeochemical Processes
Wilhelm Petersen, HZG (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht), DE
+Download presentation

PLOCAN: a gliderport infrastructure for the East–Central North Atlantic
Carlos Barrera, PLOCAN (Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands), ES +Download presentation

Integrating capacities towards PLOCAN observational in-situ programme
Marimar G. Villagarcia, PLOCAN, ES +Download presentation

High sub-seasonal variability at circulation "choke" point in the Western Mediterranean, through SOCIB glider monitoring
Emma Heslop, SOCIB, ES
+Download presentation

HF Radar in NW Europe
Bill Turrell, Marine Scotland, UK +Download presentation

The RITMARE Italian coastal radar network: operational system and data interoperability framework
Lorenzo Corgnati, CNR-ISMAR (National Research Council, Institute of Marine Sciences), IT
+Download presentation

High Frequency Surface Wave Radar in the French Mediterranean Ocean Observing System on Environment (MOOSE)
Céline Quentin, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, FR
+Download presentation

CALYPSO – an operational network of HF radars for the Malta–Sicily Channel
Simone Cosoli, OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics), IT +Download presentation

Sea Wave Italian Measurement System
Marco Picone, ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), IT +Download presentation

HF radar and drifter observing system in the Adriatic for fishery management and security
Lorenzo Corgnati, CNR-ISMAR, IT +Download presentation

Thursday 30 October 2014 — Day III

Parallel Session

Copernicus Marine Service: MFCs

Chair: Johnny Johannessen, NERSC

The Mediterranean Forecasting System: recent developments
Marina Tonani, INGV, IT +Download presentation

Ocean monitoring and forecasting at the Met Office
John Siddorn, UK Met Office +Download presentation

The global Mercator Océan analysis and forecasting high resolution system and its main future updates
Jean–Michel Lellouche, Mercator Ocean, FR
+Download presentation

Modeling and data assimilation developments of the TOPAZ system in support of Arctic operations
Laurent Bertino, NERSC (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center), NO +Download presentation

Progress, status and plans of MyOcean Baltic Monitoring and Forecasting Centre
Ole Krarup Leth,DMI, DK +Download presentation

Biochemical Modelling and Users

Chair: Alessandro Crise, OGS

A coupled remote sensing and Lagrangian modelling approach for investigating anchovy larvae distribution and fate in the Sicily Channel
Federico Falcini, CNR-ISAC, IT +Download presentation

Operational management of tuna fisheries in Indonesia
Gilles Larnicol, CLS, FR +Download presentation

An operational oceanography tool for fisheries, predicting spawning habitat of Bluefin tuna in Western Mediterranean
Diego Alvarez–Berastegui, SOCIB, ES
+Download presentation

An operational biogeochemical and mussel eco-physiological model of Bantry Bay, Ireland: products and services for the aquaculture industry
Tomasz Dabrowski, IMI (Marine Institute), IE
+Download presentation

Plenary Session: Messages from parallel sessions and panels

Moderator: Erik Buch, EuroGOOS Chair

Chairs of splinter sessions

In situ Observations
Henning Wehde, IMR +Download presentation
Modelling / Forecasting Services
Pierre–Yves Le Traon, IFREMER +Download presentation
Remote Sensing
Hans Bonekamp, EUMETSAT +Download presentation

Towards a European Ocean Observing System – messages from EurOCEAN2014

Erik Buch, EuroGOOS Chair +Download presentation

Conference key messages and closing statements

Erik Buch, EuroGOOS Chair
Rear-Admiral Seabra de Melo, Portuguese Hydrographic Institute General Director
Dr. Miguel Miranda, President of the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA)

+Download Conference statements


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