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Instituto Hidrográfico - PortugalIn a country of vast maritime heritage, the sea assumes a decisive and prominent role in society. Its importance is reflected in very different areas such as Defence, Economy, Science, Culture and Sports.

In Portugal, there is an institution, unique of its kind, geared to a three-pronged commitment to National Defence, Public Service and Research and Development. From its military origins and orientation, the Portuguese Hydrographic Office has evolved towards rendering Public Service, having deepened its competencies in the different scientific and technological areas connected with the sea.

Its ultimate mission being the knowledge and understanding of the ocean, which translates in analysing the past, monitoring the present and predicting the future, this multifaceted organization set in the Convento das Trinas, in Lisbon, and supported by the Naval Installations of Azinheira, in Seixal, brings together the capacities of a military unit and the competencies of a State Laboratory, in order to better serve the nation in the field of marine science and technology.

Being an organ of the Navy, the Portuguese Hydrographic Office is permanently on the ocean, whether using the naval means which the Portuguese Navy puts at its service, or through the engagement of the hydrographic survey teams, or even through the different technical equipment which it operates and monitors.

These are the resources which constitute, among others, the only permanent integrated monitoring infrastructure of the Portuguese Sea, through which the Portuguese Hydrographic Office feeds and administrates the largest national data base of the Ocean.

The dedication and commitment of the Portuguese Hydrographic Office Human Resources in this Institute´s different areas of activity constitute the foundations and the driving force behind the pursuit of the common good, thus guaranteeing the safety of navigation, providing support to the defence of the country´s sovereignty and ensuring Portugal´s technical and scientific development.

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